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Tie on a red ribbon for safety!

The Safe Roads program invites you to join Mothers Against Driving Drunk and Students Against Destructive Decisions in their campaign to have motorists tie a red ribbon on their vehicles to remind themselves and others that it is NEVER all right to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Statistics show that impaired driving is at its peak during the month of December. Why confine your reminder to just one month out of the year? Why not keep that red ribbon on your car all year long to show that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal, and that it will not be tolerated!

Please help promote safe driving by participating in these efforts and remember to:

Tie a red ribbon on your vehicle for safety.

Check out our party tips and recipes for non-alcoholic drinks.

Use designated drivers at parties and gatherings where alcohol will be served.

Learn how to spot someone driving drunk and what to do about it.

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